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Army Men Strike 2.70.3

Full Name:Army Men Strike 2.70.3
Short Name: army-men-strike
Google ID: com.hts.ams
Version: 2.70.3
File size: 93.21 MB
Developer: Lunanova

Whats New in Army Men Strike 2.70.3

  • Version 2.70.0
  • #Stamina required to attack Fanatic General is changed#
  • The same amount of Stamina will be consumed to attack Lv.1 Fanatic General and attack Lv.5 Fanatic General. Follow the Stamina interface for the details.
  • #Max Garrison Troops in Super Weapon Increased#
  • Max Garrison Troops in different level of Super Weapon are increased.

Min System Requirements

  • CPU : armeabi
  • Android Version : Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 – 4.0.2 API level 14, NDK 7
  • Android sdk : 14
  • Screen : SMALL
  • GPU : 0
SHA1: 39:7C:7B:91:14:BB:21:61:ED:78:6B:CB:E0:97:AE:2E:58:E3:05:6F
MD5: 2fa692e38fe812af00fdfccbb5d0d2eb
Used Features In Army Men Strike 2.70.3


Army Men Strike Army Men StrikeArmy Men StrikeArmy Men Strike

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