Every once in a while, you will receive a notification asking you to update your Android. What does that mean? And do you even need to perform the update? If so, how do you go about doing it?

Regular Android updates are important because they usually involve bug features and improve on performance. Before you even perform any updates on Android, be sure to consider the following.

1) What are the new features, bug fixes, etc. Does the upgrade lead to improved performance? Please read the what’s new section before performing an upgrade. Sometimes, you may skip one or two minor updates because it just ain’t worth the risk. Yes, there are risks involved that you need to take into consideration. What are the risks?

2) Existing apps may fail to function. This is rare but it does happen. When system updates occur, some files may be changed or updated, causing some of your favorite apps to stop functioning. Usually, apps developers will release an update right after the system updates. And you hope that the bugs will be fixed. If not, you are out of luck because all system updates are not reversible.

3) Have you backed up your data? Very rarely does system updates cause you system crashes. But just to be on the safe side, use a file manager to backup your data before performing an update. If anything goes wrong, at least you still have your data intact.

Update Android

Update Android

So how do you go about performing an update?

Usually, you will receive notification from your manufacturer or carrier on new updates. Some updates can be performed Over the air (OTA), but this feature is not always offered. If so, you are going to need to connect to your PC via USB to perform the update.

As to the frequency of the updates, it all depends on the manufacturers, and the country that you are in. Updates are usually released pretty quickly in this competitive space.

Check with your manufacturer on how to obtain an update. Is there special software needed?

Once your Android device has been updated, you will be able to enjoy the improvements, which can be significant.

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