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In search of a way to back up your apps. Back ups are necessary once you start to have a large number of apps on your Android device.

If you want to do a fresh install, it’ll take you a

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This is been rated as the best Tower Defense mobile game on the Android market. It has received a very high rating of 4.7 from people who have downloaded this game.

So, what is so fun about a Tower Defense

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Aliens and humans seem to be at war forever – each try to eliminate the other. Unlike many other games and movies, where the hero always try to save the humans, you now play as the Alien. Yes, you get

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Feel like racing on wacky but great looking vehicles?

This is one of the best Kart racing game for the Android platform.

Comes with great graphics with different characters. Everything is designed with great care.

If you’ve played Mario Kart

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This is a popular game that is suitable for all ages. Not getting enough of Angry Birds?

Then Fling a Thing can provide a great alternative. Here is how the game is played.

Use your finger to drag a fling.

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This is a MUST-HAVE for all students. The version that we’ve posted here is free.

They have a paid RealCalc PLUS verison. But you pay only if you decide that the PLUS version is for you.

For most people, the

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Here comes one of the best Massive Multiplayer game for the mobile platform – check out Little Empire.

Traditionally, such games are limited to text based games, which can be rather boring after a while. The experience just isn’t exciting

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